What started in 1991 as a primarily headquarter based in Tehran, Iran, to overcome healthcare infection and contamination issues by providing hospital disinfectants and related equipment. Our journey started with the partnership with the equivalent pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland and Germany; However, now we have built the most advanced pharmaceutical manufacturer utilizing the latest global technology and GMP pharmaceutical conditions in the Middle East. Irenic Holding consists of three subsidiary companies known as Irenic, Irenic Asia, and Novin Pak Shargh(Nipco). The board of directors felt the void of probiotic drugs in the health industry basket of our beloved homeland. Thus, since 2011 our scientists have administered and developed efficient drugs with exceptional science-based formulations to deliver healthier lives to people's tables. Moreover, Due to the recent changes in the geographic region in the Middle East and global pandemic, Irenic Holding has been increasing the production volume to advocate the people from airborne pathogens and health challenges. Our values reflect our commitment to helping providers and hospitals optimize the delivery of quality care.



Irenic holding has a set objective to lead and grow the Iranian health care industry to its potential by providing extraordinary, unique, and science-based pharmaceutical formulations. Thus, our scientists utilized the latest global innovations and technologies into our products to deliver a quality health care system.


Our culture in Irenic holding is to keep the healthcare industry updated and enriched with new and quality products. Our high motivation to research and push science further by innovations has been the strategy to attain our goal.


  • Offering desirable and quality pharmaceutical products of natural origin to the health care market.
  • Accelerating the competition in domestic markets to capitalize the market share through appropriate and effective scientific marketing.
  • Inspiring the continuous improvement of products by turning the company into the primary industry’s probiotics and herbal supplements mastermind.
  • As an ISO requirement, constantly evaluate customer satisfaction by taking surveys from pharmacies, doctors and ask patients to fill surveys.
  • At Irenic holding, we are committed to training professional forces and employees by improving the scientific knowledge, skills and abilities of the human resources department.